What type of artwork do I need to send?
In Most cases we can use whatever you have. Just attach your art to an email and send it to stevegillis@grpromo.com . Please include your name in the subject line of the email to help us keep things straight. The proof (which we will provide) assures everyone that the output device used has correctly interpreted and processed the information you have provided.

How can I pay for my order?
Credit card, check or Paypal.

How do I know if the imprint color will be correct?
Standard imprint colors do vary depending what the object material is. If a specific PMS color match is required, contact us for pricing for your specific need. In most cases when a PMS color is specified, there is an additional charge of $10 per order.

What is a bitmap image?
Don’t worry about it, send what you have and we’ll make it work. Bitmap images also known as raster images (.gif, .jpg .pict, .bmp), are made up of pixels in a grid. Pixels are picture elements; tiny dots of individual color that make up what you see on a computer screen or printed brochure. All these tiny dots of color come together to form the images you see. Vector images, (AI, CDR, or EPS formats) are made up of individual, scalable objects. These objects are defined by mathematical equations rather than pixels. Keep in mind our printing process is limited to solid blocks of color.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Preprinted orders are in stock and mailed to you USPS within 48 hours after they are received or the next business day. Lead time for custom printing is 1-2 weeks after art approval. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery by FedEx Ground.

Do I get a proof of my item before production?
Yes, we will email you a copy of your artwork in .gif or.jpg file format via email for your approval.

Before I buy custom printed towels, I want to see one. Do you have samples?
I will credit your custom print order if you have bought a towel. Let me know the approximate date of your purchase or your order number and save on your custom print order.

Do you ever have under-runs or over-runs?
Under/Over runs are rare in fact this has never happened.

What are my shipping options?
Custom Print orders ship FedEx Ground. As an example, 100 custom printed towels ship for $26.99.

I still have a question.
We are here to serve you and answer your questions. Please call me at 605-254-3630.