What Our Customers say about the Golf Round golf towel…

I really like the Golf Round. It’s just the right size. I can easily carry it in my pocket and I don’t even know it’s there until I need it and reach for it. I think it will be much more effective for most golfers than a towel.

Joe Davidson

Where have you been for the last 20 years? This is the greatest golf invention since Gene Sarazan invented the wedge. I used for the first time last week 3/30/03 in the mud and some snow of upstate NY its a game saver and a great time saver. Clean, convenient and easy to use, no moving parts, what more could you ask for?

Bob Dwyer , Niskayuna N.Y

Thanks for the Golf Round. I have always had the problem that every golfer without a caddy has, when I get to the green and find dirt on my ball, the towel is back on the cart. Usually I just wipe it on my pants and then putt. Not very smart if you want consistency with your putts. The “Golf Round” solved this. I also use it to clean the club face during my round just because it’s handy. The best is you always have it with you wherever you go on the course! This is the perfect accessory for anyone’s golf bag. Thanks again. Hit’em long & straight.

Jerry Waling Golf Incentive Directory

I received a Golf Round for one of our Tee Prizes in a Ladies Invitational in Flagstaff, Arizona. They are so great. As you know I ordered 25 for a small tournament I do with friends and I am planning to order “lots” for our women’s invitational in Phoenix. Keep in touch and let me know of any new products you come up with.


Wow!! Your Golf Rounds made such a hit. My company ordered 1,000 to distribute to our sales force. As they were distributed our clients were delighted and demanded more. As a result of their action, I am thrilled that we ordered 1,000 more. Of all the promotional items we have ordered in the past 5 years, your Golf Rounds were the best received and remembered. Thanks so much.

J. Ham SVP- Pilgrim Securitie