“The first time I used the towel, I loved it. I use it during every round I play.”

Ken Venturi, 1964 US Open Champion

A Solid Putting Game

A solid putting game can lower your scores on every hole! Perhaps a few hundred dollars spent on a new putter will help your game.

But, consider this, with or without a new putter, you can improve your putting game with a golf round towel. Cost? Only $5.95.

With a golf round towel you will:

  • Eliminate distractions… stop putting a dirty ball. That big smudge looking back at you breaks your concentration!
  • Stay on the green… stop interrupting your game by walking back to the cart to clean your ball. Stick around and spend that time planning your putt!
  • Build a routine…build confidence – cleaning your ball helps adjust your tempo. Build a routine and see your game improve!
  • Do what the pro’s do, clean it and sink more putts!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Towels measure
6.25 Diameter
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$5.95 ea.
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“Life is Just a Game,
Golf is Serious Business.”
How True!
Item RBwt26 $5.95
“A bad day on the golf course is still 100 times better than a good day at work!”
True? Yep
Item RBog10 $5.95
“In golf and life, it is the follow- through that makes the difference.”
A great quote
Item BGwt05 $5.95
“I am NOT Addicted!
I only golf on days that end in ‘Y’!”
For the fortunate ones
Item BKgy13 $5.95
“I didn’t need a Golf Round , Cuz I got a Hole-in-One!”
Celebrate that moment when you really don’t need a Golf Round towel
Item FGgd07 $5.95
“I Broke 100!”
Celebrate! Set your next goal (see below).
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“I Broke 90!”
Celebrate Again! Set your next goal
(see below).
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“I Broke 80!”
Congratulations! Enough Said
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Plain Black towel with white ink.Item BKwt17 $5.95
Plain Navy Blue towel with white inkItem NBwt15 $5.95
Plain Royal Blue towel with white inkItem RBwt19 $5.95
Plain Forest Green towel with white inkItem FGwt27 $5.95
Plain Red towel with white inkItem RDwt29 $5.95
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  • If you are not satisfied with your towel, just return it within 30 days and I will refund your money, it is that easy. (less S&H)

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